F50 & Google Developers Presents: Founder World 2015

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Join over 10,000 Entrepreneurs at SF’s largest grassroots startup conference

Date: October 27-28

Location: Pier 27, San Francisco

RSVP Here:

Founder World is the largest startup and investment ecosystem conference in the world for founders, developers and members of the broader entrepreneurial community. Join fellow founders from all stages and get matched with the resources, education and people you’ll need to help build your startup. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, grow and share your business!
F50 and Google will be powering this event at Pier 27 overlooking the beautiful San Francisco Bay. The agenda includes expos, demos, a huge job fair and a chance to compete for a spot in F50’s Season 6 Summit! Attend educational workshops, watch investor panels, keynote speeches and join in on interactive activities to teach you how to navigate your startup journey.

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F50 Just Closed More Than $2 Million in Seed Round Funding

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Online Platform Private Beta Scheduled to Launch in June 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, June 15, 2015 — F50, a private co-investment platform, announced today the successful close of its seed round for more than $2 million from a group of investment funds and angel investors. The company will use the funds to grow its team, particularly by adding developers to launch its online platform, and to expand its network of investors.

F50 has built a private network to help 1000+ investors from around the world access and share great deals. Simultaneously, F50 has helped many members of its 230+ selected founders in their seed or angel round.

“We founded F50 last year on top of Silicon Valley’s largest entrepreneur community to connect founders by providing them access to a global network of smart capital,” said David Cao, Founder & CEO of F50. “Our relationships with key influencers in the startup community, including corporations like Google and accelerator programs like StartX, have been very helpful in our success to date.”

“F50 is supporting the startup ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs with strategic investors globally. It’s great to have received such strong support from our diversified strategic partners,” said Bill Reichert, Co-founder of F50 and Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures.

The company’s founding team includes Eric Ly, the Co-founder and former CTO of LinkedIn, as well as Tel Iiu, the former EVP of Tencent. F50 will host a series of private, offline-to-online events for its Network members this June, including an invitation-only F50 Season 5 Summit in downtown San Francisco to showcase 100 startups across eight major verticals to more than 400 investors worldwide.

About F50

F50 is a private co-investment platform that connects a network of high-quality founders with smart capital. F50’s curated platform of select early-stage startups provides deal flow for member investors. The easy, fast submission process together with regular, live-pitching events provides an ideal way for founders to secure early stage capital quickly from a global base of smart investors. For more information, visit

Contact: Allison Carleton
Public Relations
Phone: (415) 323-6581

We’ve selected seven gaming startups to pitch next Thursday evening in SF!

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Join us on Oct 9th Thursday @Pivotal Labs in San Francisco.

Judge of Panel

• Patrick Mork, EIR at Signia, X-Googler, Disruptor, C-level Start-Up Builder

• Ann Burkett, Venture Partner at F50

• Dean Takahashi, lead writer for GamesBeat

Pitching Startups

• ZRDS Games: Mobile phone entertainment for Kids

• Figure Of Speech: Cards Against Humanity Reinvented for Mobile

• Asylum Labs: Innovative Mobile Social Casino games

• Resonant Games LLC: Video chat with educational games and activities

• Senetur: Platform to allow game teams and studios to find talent, prototype faster, decrease time to market, and connect publishing opportunities outside of conferences

• Hero Systems & Mechanics: Developing a mobile game that connects to a physical toy swords. A mobile apps powers two opposing toy swords. During a toy sword fight NFC and bluetooth signals are sent between them and their mobile apps and a winner is determined

•  Sending.iO: We focus on using Email to help game developers acquire, retain, and monetize their users.

  • Patrick Mork, EIR at Signia, X-Googler, Disruptor, C-level Start-Up Builder

Multi-cultural, multi-lingual start-up senior executive. Worked in US / Europe / LATAM and speak 4 languages fluently.

Former global head of marketing for Google play; worked in 5 start-ups including one as CEO / co-founder and two more as board advisor. 14 Years experience in mobile content / mobile games / app retail and distribution.

Currently EIR at Signia seeking CEO / No2 role in a high growth start-up in mobile content, education, health or consumer services where strategy, marketing, and entrepreneurial drive (mixed with a bit of “madness”) can help make a significant impact for a company with big ambitions.

  • Ann Burkett, Venture Partner at F50

Ann Burkett is a Venture Partner with with F50 Venture focusing on and recommending game companies for investment in the 500k and 2Million range. She has run Game Dojos which was the original incubator for Plain Vanilla Games “Quizup” which has over 200million active users and recently raised $20Million from Sequoia Capital, with participation from all existing investors, including Tencent, Greycroft Partners, IDG Ventures, BOLDstart Ventures, CrunchFund. Game Dojos also had in its class Focused Apps LLC a small independent whose Hit Tennis games have been downloaded over 30million times. A developer by training her team also worked on games which have had up to 10million active users. She loves unique and independent games and teams that can be crafted to also be successful and has been known to show up to Gamesbeat in bad teeshirts.

She currently also founded and runs the HTML5 Developers Conference which is the currently the largest JavaScript/HTML5/CSS/node.js technology focused conference in the world. She also founded and runs IOTAconf Internet of Things Conference. HTML5Devconf, IOTACconf and will be held at Moscone Center SF in San Francisco on Oct 20, 21 with training the following week.

  • Dean Takahashi, lead writer for GamesBeat

“I’ve been a business journalist since 1988. most of that time i’ve focused on technology journalism. In 2002, I published a book on the making of the Xbox, “Opening the Xbox: Inside Microsoft’s Plan To Unleash an Entertainment Revolution.” My second book, “The Xbox 360 Uncloaked: The Real Story Behind Microsoft’s Next-Generation Video Game Console,” launched in 2006. The information is at Now I’m a lead writer on the digital media blog at”
Specialties:video games, computer hardware, chips, digital media

Bibs Won Pitch Demo Day(Consumer Mobile) Followed by Staytuned

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Winner’s Introduction:

Bibs: bibs is a platform for modernizing running events.

Go here for Angellist Profile


Bibs ties together online registration, rfid chip timing and result sharing into a single platform.

For athletes and spectators, bibs is a mobile app to sign up for events, receive times and results and share with their friends. For event organizers, bibs is a powerful tool that connects event registration, timing and management into a single platform and allows them to connect with partners and sponsors.

Bibs has:
– The top race results app in the United States
– The world’s first universal RFID platform for sports timing
– The official app of multiple top 100 events in the US

Bibs raised an angel investment from two industry leaders and is currently looking to grow more.

Galen Danziger, CTO at Bibs.


Galen has an educational background in Computational Physics and experience in numerical computing/algorithm design. He worked at multiple gambling software companies and a wearable company building a fitness tracker, then moved to help founding bibs.

Job Openings at Bibs:

We are hiring a frontend developer, with these qualifications:
– Very comfortable with javascript, (angularJS framework in particular)
– Responsive design for mobile/desktop applications
– Backbone/mobile experience also desirable
– Interested in running/athletic events

Runner up’s Introduction:

Staytuned:  Staytuned is a context aware user interface that provides users with the right apps at the right moment, directly on their lock screen.

Go here for Angellist Profile


Staytuned collects devices’ hardware (sensors) and software (usage of mobile apps) data to learn from the users and predict their future
behavior. It provides users with a direct access to their most used
applications for every context and with the most suitable applications already available in their devices. Additionally, it works as a platform for app developers increase their loyal users from their already existing user base.

Founder and CEO: Alejandro Garcia Del Bosque


Business techy with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong international background. Founder and CEO of Staytuned, a young startup in the mobile industry based in Palo Alto. Previous experience in cross-border M&A/Fundraising operations in the TMT industry and business development at a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley. Networks in the US/Germany/Mexico.



Pictures from the event:


Judges with winners and runner up


Thanks everyone for coming yesterday!

webwxgetmsgimg (2)

Thanks PubNub for sponsoring us great venue and food!


Meet with Ted Kraus, Adam Gold, Ryan Bloomer, Mike Loftus and David Cao at Saturday’s Pitch Demo Day

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When: 9AM – 12:30PM Aug 16th Saturday

Where: InnoSpring, 2901 Tasman Drive, Santa Clara, CA

Check out here for selected startups’ profiles!

Judge Panel List

  • Ted Kraus, Managing Partner at Tech-Rx Ventures
  • Adam Gold, Founder at Espial Ventures
  • Ryan Bloomer, Managing Partner at Momentum Accelerator
  • Mike Loftus, Startup Executive & Angel Investor at F50
  • David Cao, Startup Hunter, Angel Investor at F50

Judge Panel Bio

Ted is a Managing Partner at Tech-Rx ( where he focuses on commercializing consumer products and technologies in the energy, biotechnology and web industries.  Prior to Tech-Rx, he was a Principal at 8 Rivers Capital ( where he managed deal flow and due diligence for potential investment opportunities and developed commercialization strategies for NET Power, ParkIntuit and Hemosonics. In 2011, he Founded BUYSTAND (merged), an ECN and trading platform for consumer goods, where he served as COO from 2011 – 2013.  Early in his career, Ted was a Technology Analyst for Tech Coast Angels, the largest angel investment network in the US. He received an MBA from Loyola Marymount and a BS in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona. In 2013 Ted completed the Executive Program in Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford.
He lives in Silicon Valley and is an avid snowboarder, runner and mountain biker.

Adam Gold, Founder at Espial Ventures

Espial Ventures was launched to invest in the next generation of leading companies with a keen focus on backing imagination and innovation. Prior to Espial Ventures in 2014, Adam founded Espial Capital in 2012 to capitalize on the tectonic shifts underway across the global public equity technology, media, and telecommunication (TMT) universe. Espial’s strategy capitalizes on powerful tailwinds and headwinds that result in behavioral changes in consumption, distribution, retailing, and computing, across dozens of electronics, services, and digital and physical product categories. Adam previously ran money at Gilder Gagnon Howe & Co (GGHC) in New York, which he joined in 2008. GGHC managed $5B in capital with a focus on global growth investing. Prior to GGHC, Adam worked at Coatue Management, a $10B fund with a focus on global TMT investing, which he joined in 2007. Adam began his career at EnTrust Capital in 2001 as an Intern and Summer Analyst, and became a full-time analyst in 2005, where he covered all of EnTrust’s TMT investments. Graduating early with numerous honors and distinctions from New York University’s Stern School of Business in 2004, Adam holds a B.S. Magna Cum Laude with double-majors in Finance and Accounting and a minor in Journalism & Mass Communication. Adam is also Chairman of the Espial Foundation, which he started in 2013 to invest in the next generation of student leaders and innovators. The Foundation’s core tenet: TECH (Technology | Education | Children | Health) is an investment in a more innovative and skilled workforce, and a more vibrant economy.

Ryan Bloomer, Managing Partner at Momentum Venture Partners 

We invest and grow leading mobile startups from around the world.

Mike Loftus, Startup Executive & Angel Investor at F50

David Cao, Startup Hunter, Angel Investor at F50

Seven Rising Startups Will be Pitching on Pitch Demo Day Aug 16th #SVEPnD

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Seven rising startups will be pitching on Aug 16th @InnoSpring, 2901 Tasman Drive, Santa Clara, CA

Click here to RSVP
egister for the next Pitch Demo Day!

• Flow State Media: MIT/Zynga casual gaming studio with strong live, mobile multiplayer game engine

• iSmart Alarm, Inc.: iSmartAlarm is making the best smartphone enabled home system and connected home system.

• Inventalator: Inventalator is a crowdsourced development community that helps entrepreneurs validate, develop, & launch technology products.

• Fundoo Innovations: Integrating “E-Commerce & E-Gaming,” to create a novel channel of gamified promo marketing

• FeelingsIntel Company:  Targeted Advertising from Context specific feelings extracted from Smart-Phone texting

• Grush: Grush transforms the brushing chore into a fun and interactive game. Motion sensing brush and mobile games guide kids’ brushing and lets parents track results.

• Groopie, Inc: Groopie is a place where you can create shows with groups of friends.

Startup Profile

Flow State Media: MIT/Zynga casual gaming studio with strong live, mobile multiplayer game engine.

Strong team: CEO: Zynga, Activision, Call of Duty, Rockstar Games. MIT MBA, CompSci degree from Penn.

CTO: 20th Zynga Employee. Original Zynga Poker and FarmVille developer. Client/server/web/mobile experience. 20+ yrs making games.

Head of Product: Zynga 4.5 yrs. 8 games launches, 6 mobile, 2 MIT degrees. 4 more artists & developers each with 15-20 yrs game development experience. Most in Philippines keeping our dev costs a small fraction of US developers.

Strong traction: 750k installs via organic growth and several Facebook App Center Features. No marketing spent yet. Live crossword game “Letter UP” generates $29 ARPPU and $.24 ARPU (12x better than average Facebook ARPU). 3M+ games played on Facebook and growing. Long-term retention: June 2013 installers still contribute 15% of monthly revenues in 2014. Players average 1/hr a day, twice the competition. Generating $5k+/month. Net monthly burn is only $17k/month. Tops in terms of “quality per dollar spent”.

iSmart Alarm, Inc.: iSmartAlarm is making the best smartphone enabled home system and connected home system.

iSmart Alarm, Inc. is a leader in the DIY Home Security market and an innovator in the Internet of Things (IoT). The iSmartAlarm ecosystem was created to be the first smartphone-controlled do-it-yourself (DIY) home security solution that is easily portable, easy to set up, requires no wiring, and gives the user the opportunity to protect their home intelligently. There are no monthly fees, no subscription fees, and no long-term contracts as would be expected from older, traditional systems.  The iSmartAlarm communicates through the user’s smartphone, giving access to monitoring, system control, and statistics to increase the safety of home, property, and family.  Revolutionary in the home security space, iSmartAlarm provides the whole family the ability to integrate with the free iPhone and Android Apps and remotely arm, disarm, and monitor the security system from their cell phone, from anywhere, in real time. Currently iSmartAlarm products are available at tier-1 online retailers such as Apple, Amazon, Walmart, Newegg and smarthome, etc as well as “Brick and Mortor” such as Fry’s Electronics and Micro Center, etc.

Inventalator: Inventalator is a crowdsourced development community that helps entrepreneurs validate, develop, & launch technology products.

Inventalator is an intelligence community that provides crowdsourced research and development to entrepreneurs and SMB’s. Our platform allows companies to connect with our crowd to perform research & development on new product concepts, allowing them to gauge demand, perform market analysis, raise financial capital, and connect with the resources necessary to develop and commercialize new products.

Fundoo InnovationsIntegrating “E-Commerce & E-Gaming,” to create a novel channel of gamified promo marketing 

Our product line, seamlessly integrates (a) entertainment, (b) simple wagering by players, on (c) easy-to-learn games, with a (d) winning opportunity on (e) selected discounted consumer products & services (P&S). We have granted patents, a couple of customers and dev teams in USA & India. Adequate funding will accelerate our growth trajectory.

FeelingsIntel Company:  Targeted Advertising from Context specific feelings extracted from Smart-Phone texting

Human communication has to be processed by an “affect language parser” (ALP) to extract emotions and draw human-like inferences, which are credible & therefore understandable / acceptable to humans. This emotion extraction enables targeted advertising for products & services, to be sent to opt-in consumer, in a timely manner. We have an “unfair advantage” in ALP technology, disclosed in granted patents, thereby making “FeelingsIntel” a sustainable funding-worthy enterprise.

Grush: Grush transforms the brushing chore into a fun and interactive game. Motion sensing brush and mobile games guide kids’ brushing and lets parents track results.

Problem: Tooth brushing is often viewed by children as an unpleasant chore because they can’t see what they are doing and do not know whether they are doing it properly. Additionally, they find the twice daily task as boring because they don’t understand the benefits of brushing and receive no feedback or reward from it. It’s hard for kids to consistently brush their teeth with proper technique when they get no feedback. Parents have to spend a lot of time supervising their child’s brushing to avoid tooth decay and high dental treatment costs.
Solution: The Grush (Patent Pending)platform makes brushing visible for kids and turns brushing into a fun game. This interactive game rewards kids for proper brushing technique. Parents are provided with a method to monitor kids’ brushing. Brushing results are stored in the cloud for data access.
Grush Campaign
High resolution images
Groopie, Inc: Groopie is a place where you can create shows with groups of friends.

We have developed a mobile first platform that brings vlogging to a collaborative social era. Groopie is the only place that lets you create shows with your friends and share stories together. Everyone part of a show can contribute to the story with their unique perspectives and social experiences, from anywhere in the world. Unlike YouTube, the recording and editing tools are part of the user experience, and simple enough for anyone to achieve TV-style production. With Groopie you can send someone a record request and shoot an episode using two cameras from two locations. Our editing studio lets you merge footage by choosing which camera angles you want to create one continuous video. Finally, titles and subtitles can be added to any part of an episode, giving viewers and content creators a reality TV like experience. Groopie adds a fun, social dynamic that is essential for engaging mobile users.

Come meet with Neil Weintraut, Erin Delacroix, Indu Navar, Saji Johnson, and Eugene Zhang at Jan 25 Pitch Demo Day#SVEPnD

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Silicon Valley Startups Story

Come meet with our judge panel for  Jan25 Pitch Demo Day! Thanks to all of them for being judge on Saturday.

===Judge Panel List=== 

• Erin Delacroix, Innovator at LinkedIn

• Indu Navar, Managing Director of Woodside Capital Partners

• Saji Johnson, Managing Partner of Anicca Ventures

•  Neil Weintraut, Cloud Venture

• Eugene Zhang, CEO, InnoSpring Inc.; General Partner, TEEC Angel Fund

• David Cao, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of SVEntrepreneurs & Startups, Founder & CEO at GWC, Earlier Stage Mobile Angel Investor

===Judge Panel Bio===

Erin received her BFA in New Media from AAU. She has a strong focus on strategy, innovative product design, and business development. One Kings Lane, Coin, ebay, URBN, World Golf Tour, and Wells Fargo are among the various companies within her portfolio.

Indu Navar advises software and Internet services companies on strategic financing transactions and M&A. Over the past 20 years, Indu has served as a founder and CEO of successful companies, developing a proven…

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