Host an event / meetup for SVEntrepreneurs

We welcome :
1 Free events who are generally benefiting the community members.
2 We love to collaborate with different non-profit organizations.
3 We love to work with different VCs, Angel Network, and Accelerators, Incubators
4 Service providers, please send sponsorship inquiry. We love your support
Our team will help you to promote to Facebook, Linkedin, etc if you have a great content!
But promoting a paid or a product/service marketing event? Contact organizer team
Bellow is the guideline my team sent out few months ago. And since then, we had done several events this way.
If you have two of the following (Strongly prefer venue, subject, and date):

A Venue

B Speakers

C  Sponsor(s)

D A great subject (Can be existing one)

E A date (or range)

You can go ahead suggest a meetup here:

Suggest a Meetup

Make an suggestion?

Becoming a volunteer

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